Top 4 KittenFishing Signs & How To Avoid The Lies

Most bad first dates start well before you’ve even been matched with your potential date.  It starts when he adds a couple of inches to his height or rounds down his age. It starts when she downloads FaceTune or Perfect365 on her phone to heavily filter her photos to look like she stepped out of a magazine.  Most of us have been a victim of kittenfishing and or unknowingly been the purveyor of kittenfishing.  

What is KittenFishing?

No one doubts that online dating has quickly become the most popular option for finding dates easy and fast, but the world of dating can be cruel and guys and girls are finding new ways to stand out. Online dating is the brainchild of the digital age of technology and recently it has introduced a new term for an old practice… kittenfishing’. Or as I like to call it ‘lying’.  Originally coined by dating apps that essentially defined it as presenting yourself in unrealistically positive ways such as: posting a photo from 20 years ago or when you were 40 pounds lighter. Exaggerating your height to 5 feet 11 inches, when you’re actually 5 foot 7. 
Most commonly you’ll see men lying about how tall they are and how much money they make; women are untruthful about their age and how much they weigh.  So without further ado…. 

Top 4 Signs your Date is KittenFishing

  1. He or she has lots of photos that do not look the same, hair is in different lengths, different shades and colors, some look recent and some just look outright vintage.
  2. Only head shots are featured in their profile. This could be a sign that he or she is uncomfortable with their physical attributes and  are trying to hide it.
  3. Most of their photos are shot from a high perspective. Everyone knows that shots taken from “down” angle are slimming and easily hide away 10 pounds of weight.  Sure you look great in the photo, but unless your date is 2 feet taller than you, its not a representation of what you look like in person.
  4. Grammatical errors in their profile. If they state they make a lot of money and have a high powered job, but have spelling and grammatical errors in their profile, you’re probably getting kittenfished and they are lying about their job.

Online Dating Tips To Stop KittenFishing & Bad First Dates

  1. Step 1 is to have a chat on the phone. Make sure they talk sensical and their digital comedy matches their real life wit. They might appear super funny online but mute in a phone conversation — this is a huge red flag.
  2. If your date appears suspicious and seems to hide something, you can suggest a FaceTime or Skype chat before the in person date. Seeing your date real-time on a screen is almost as good as seeing the real thing. 
  3. If you are certain you’ve got a kittenfisher on your hands, kindly decline the date, then report them to the kittenfished database.
Based on a recent survey about catfishing, 38% of men being surveyed believed they have been kittenfished while 24% of women feel the same way. Research has shown that kittenfishing most commonly starts innocently, while writing a bio.  Much like a resume we will exaggerate accomplishments and success, posting slightly older photos that are more flattering, hoping that when we meet in person, the handful of white lies are overshadowed by our sparkling personality.  But unfortunately, after each rejection those little white lies turn into more white lies and quickly turn into bigger and bigger lies.


If we are honest with ourselves, all of us are guilty of making ourselves look better than we actually are.  The fact that women wear makeup is technically a misrepresentation of what one really looks like.  But the biggest issue here is confidence or the lack there of.  And for me, confidence is sexy. A hell of a lot more sexy than dishonesty.  Be yourself, it’s the only way you’ll find someone that truly matches you.

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