Online Dating Profiles that Work

Online Dating Profiles that Work

So you want to make your online dating profile works and it starts out pretty innocent… a little exaggeration here and a little there doesn’t really matter does it?  I mean once we get on the date, i’ll wow them with my personality and they will be hooked! If you’ve spent any time in the online dating world, you’ve probably had your share of bad first dates. The thing is, many of these bad dates stem from this very common procedure. You thought you knew the person on the other side of the swipe but they turned out to be completely different in real life.

Whether they had put on a little weight since their profile pic was taken; had a completely different looking face, or they really weren’t as funny as they were in the messages, this issue affects both genders equally.

This is known as “KittenFishing” which is basically like catfishing but not as extreme. It’s based on the small little exaggerations and lies people tell on dating apps to make themselves appear more likable in their eyes. It’s a widespread issue, and you might be KittenFishing your dates without even realizing! I know what you’re thinking…  Well, here are a few tips to help you avoid disappointing your dates while still creating an online dating profile that works.

Use Professional Photos

Still using that mirror selfie you took back in college? It’s time to ditch that and use an up to date picture. You should also consider using a professional headshot if you have one. Avoid anything that looks way different than you do in real life and anything that is overly edited. It’s a delicate balance, but you should use pictures that make you look irresistible without giving a false expectation.

Take Time to Write Your Bio

Another problem that many online dating users find is that the bios of users are over-exaggerated or boring. Here’s how you fix it: take the time to really craft the perfect message to serve as your first impression. Don’t lie about anything, but don’t be boring either. Think about what makes you unique and the type of impression you want to give others. Don’t write a book either. Nobody wants to read a 300-word biography on these apps. Just something fun, witty, personal, etc.

Avoid Exaggerations

Did you really swim with sharks or did you just visit the aquarium? You’d be surprised how many people exaggerate their lives on their dating profiles. They lie in the bio, use overly-edited pictures, and tell subtle lies to impress others in their messages. The problem is, once you meet the person in real life, it will be more challenging to pull this off. For this reason, you should only tell stories or use photos that are genuine, while still appealing to other users.

Be Honest

Going off of the last point, you should remain honest 100% of the time. This helps you avoid disappointing the other person or leading them on. Be honest about your intentions, your background, etc. This way, you won’t have to keep track of all the fibs you’ve told them when you meet in real life. Saying “just be yourself” is cliché and overused, but it’s the truth here. Be yourself on dating apps, and if the person likes you back, you’ll know they like you for you—not the person you’ve created for the app.

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